Introduction to iTRAIN

A company's backbone is its Employees. Training them is the biggest challenge across the globe. What if there was a solution. What if we could train them in a self motivated way. The Technology Driven iTRAIN is an answer to all you big fat employers! iTRAIN, A platform where the authority can upload study and Quiz material and the employees through a mobile app can asnwer them to gain rewards and benefits can turn out to be heavily profitable to your Company.
Think About It!

Problem with existing system

Giving training to new employees or to make them understand their work is a difficult task. The following problems may occur:

  • Lack of interest
  • Unable to understand the tasks
  • Time constraint for learning a particular task
  • Material Constraint for learning a particular task

How to solve problem via: iTRAIN

Admin of a company can create employees.

  • Generates enormous amount of Interest
  • All material regarding the Task can be accessed
  • An employee can learn anything, anywhere, anytime
  • Points attained by employees can be used for their benefits like recharge, gifts etc.

iTRAIN can Help reducing your overheads

Many companies face problem in training their employees take whatever field they are in. iTRAIN can be optimised by your team for helping your team. Self learning is a new approach towards training, One can learn by themselves by Internet, application or other medium. iTRAIN helps you sort all your programs regarding one field at one place. It organizes and optimised your material so beautifully that an employees falls for it and progresses in his/her field thus reducing the overheads involved in repeated training and indulging project managers for overlooking.

Easy Customization

The new iTRAIN mobile application is a great tool for the employees to get training regarding their work. It can be easily customized by our team to provide you an app with your company logos so that the workforce become passionate about their work and the company they are working for. Our app enables you to nurture the required skills in employee in an beautiful way.

    What we offer you?

  • We can place your company logo!
  • Theme can be optimized according to your business!
  • Graphics can be updated according to your choice!

Features on App

  • View profile- Employee can view his/her profile
  • Edit his/her profile according to his/her info
  • Total Rewards Points
  • Available Quiz
  • Total Quiz
  • Average Answer Time
  • Average Score

How iTRAIN Helps

iTRAIN helps employees to access training material quite easily. All your training material is sorted at one place where interactive videos, Files, Images are within your reach.

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Word Files, Pdf, .txt files
  • Jpeg & png image files
  • Spreadsheets

Test Quiz Allows employee to attempt Quiz several times which helps them inherit core values of the company

Total numbers of questions are shown at the top right corner of the screen. A very interesting part of iTRAIN is Multiple Choice Question. Employees enjoys the app while contributing their interest towards Quiz. It gives an instant result and an indication at the right and the left side of the screen. Each quiz has a unique questions with simple UI provided.

  • Green- Answer is correct
  • White- Not attempted
  • Red- Wrong Answer

iTRAIN pop ups the screen showing “Times Up”, when Allotted time is finished.

Quiz History

Circular meter representation of Quiz provides better understanding of the results. It displays the result regarding:
  • Question Attempted
  • Marks Obtained
  • Percentile

Circular meter representation of Quiz result is shown separately for each quiz performed.


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